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iOTA Slim 14" FHD Metal Laptop (Silver) - (Intel Dual Core Celeron N3350 (Burst 2.4GHz) Processor, 2

Sophisticated brilliance

The iOTA SLIM is a stylish notebook that helps you to stay productive and power through all of your daily tasks.
The elegant, full metal casing contains a fast Intel dual-core processor, that delivers an outstanding performance and powerful multi-tasking capabilities, so you can enjoy all day productivity!
The iOTA SLIM also comes equipped with a full high definition display, so whether it be viewing images, browsing web pages, watching movies, enjoying video calls with family and friends, or video conferencing with colleagues; all are brought to life with breathtaking clarity. The display also contains IPS technology, which allows the display to be viewed clearly from a variety of wide viewing angles without the image quality being affected.
The iOTA SLIM has been designed to be about much more than just striking good looks. It has been designed to enhance your productivity and inspire you to work and play effortlessly, no matter where the day takes you.
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