Nalcon (nalcondetox) wrote in computerhelp,

Purchasing Advice Sought

I have a standard nvidia GEforce 6159SE nforce 430 Integrated that came with my comp, running off of Vista. I must Upgrade. My Motherboard is an AMD Athlon 7550 dual-core processor 2.50 ghz, with 3gigs of ram.

I am a cheap bastard and don't want to spend too much. I want it to be at least, at LEAST equal to the Radeon 9600 Pro card that I bought for my old PC, used quite happily, and does not fit on my new PC.

I'm fairly certain I need a PCI card.

I'm currently looking at

Will this fit? More importantly, is there something cheaper (omg cheaper) that will at least match the 9600 I can't use anymore? I'd prefer better but I'm not sure what 'better' is. The maximum I can spend is about 70$ total, but I want to get the most bang for what little I have.

This upgrade is to primarily run games and Photoshop at higher than minimal settings.

I have not been able to find a decent chart that compares side by side different cards.,2404-7.html was provided me, and I'm attempting to use it.

Computer Knowledge Level: Noob to Intermediate. If given directions I can usually find what people need me to find, but tend to be clueless about things like 'what's the difference between PCI and AGP'.
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