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Barcode scanners - Symbol MC1000

So, I've just purchased a couple of Symbol MC1000 barcode scanners (the mobile computer type) for the purpose of scanning book barcodes in the company for which I work. If the thought that's immediately springing to your mind is 'big mistake', then don't say it, after this morning it's pretty much my primary response.

I was told these things come with all the software they need. This may well be true, but since they're the most confusing bits of hardware I've ever encountered, I'm having trouble making them work as they should. My tech support guy and I have spent the whole morning trying to figure them out, and although we've kind of gotten them working, we still don't really have much idea what we're doing. I'm hoping someone here might have come across these things and have some ideas on how I can at least configure them to do the job we need more effectively.

What they come with:
Two programs called MCL and OTL. Both seem to be designed to allow you to scan data in, but we can't figure out where the hell they're sending the data, how to save it, or what format they might be outputting the data in.

What we need them to do:
Scan barcodes and save the data as text files which we can upload into our database.

What we've done so far:
We've got them communicating with the PC via Microsoft ActiveSync, so we can access all the files and program files through that. We're using a USB connection for that.
We've installed PocketNotepad on them and have managed to set things up so that the scanner can be triggered when that program is open. We did this by opening the OTG application and going to Test applications -> Next page -> Wedge on. (The scanner functions via Scanwedge.)
We've successfully created .txt files with scanned data and exported them to a PC.

What I still want to do:
What I'd really like is to actually understand how these things work so I could figure stuff out more effectively. However, what I'll settle for is a tip on how to configure things so that when I scan a barcode into PocketNotepad it automatically does a return so that the next barcode I scan is on a new line, without me having to press enter after each one. If anyone has any clue what this OTG thing is and if/how I can use it to achieve what I want more effectively, I'd be very grateful.

I hope that I've given enough details here for someone to make sense of it, however, as I'm fairly clueless with this stuff it's hard for me to be sure, so please let me know if I've left some crucial information out.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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James Simpson
Jul. 1st, 2014 06:17 pm (UTC)
Did you ever find a program, I am in the same boat at the moment, although I have managed to intercept the MCL data stream and trying to code for this.
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