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modem and router questions

my question: is there an all in one kind of modem and router thing i could buy, maybe with a firewall, that could make my poor old xp computer still safe (or safer) to use?

something i could plug the cable internet cord into and then not have to worry about turning my computer off, so the rest of the house could still get secure wifi if that computer is turned off.

my desktop computer is 10 years old and running windows xp. most of the peripherals i have, printer, scanner, trackball mouse, only mouse i can use) will NOT work with newer windows versions. the manufacturers quit making drivers for them after xp.

i would like to go to an electronics store and buy some kind of modem and router combo that can provide secure wifi for my household (and not the neighbors), without having to be run thru this old computer. currently the way my computer is hooked up to the modem and router requires this desktop computer to be turned on always, or else wifi cuts off. maybe something about an ethernet connection? i dont know.

i've been repeatedly told that since windows xp is not supported anymore, my computer is not safe from hacking.

i AM careful what websites i visit, but i still trigger occasional antivirus warnings when i simply click on results from search engines. i dont download music or movies online. mostly my desktop is used for uploading my music from my cds to transfer to my mp3 player, and uploading and storing my many digital photos that i edit and share online. i DO want to feel safe to use this computer for online banking. but i'm also feeling a little paranoid from all the stuff other people have told me about windows xp not being safe anymore. i'm not sure i have the RAM to update to a newer version. i'm disabled and living on SSDI and dont have the money to buy a newer version. i also dont have the money to buy a newer printer and scanner and trackball mouse.

here are the specs for my old desktop computer:
200 GB hard drive
1 GB memory (i think this is RAM?)
3700+ AMD Athalon processor
HP a1230n
windows xp
avast antivirus
i only use mozilla firefox as a browser, no internet explorer.

i would say i'm mildly computer savvy. i can FOLLOW directions extremely well! i'm a quick learner. but i dont know what i'm doing when it comes to modems and routers or firewalls.

can you tell me if what i'm looking for is available as an all in one thing?(modem/router/cable internet connection/firewall)

can you also tell me, if xp isnt safe, i have a laptop with windows 10. if i use the wifi currently available THRU my old desktop computer, is that secure? or are all the wifi connections only as secure as the old windows xp the modem runs thru?

tell me what to buy?

give me suggestions? anything. somewhere to at least start from?

Computer Help!

So my computer is pretty old, around 9 years old, its an ACER and still has windows vista. So I had it update and now Firefox is running super slow. My computer won't allow me to install Google Chrome saying it doesn't meet system requirements for whatever reason. I can't install iTunes either, so I'm not sure what's going on. Internet Explorer works fine too. Anyone have an idea?

Trouble with Adobe Digital Editions

I just updated to version of ADE and now I am having problems opening review books from NetGalley on it. I didn't have this problem before and now I'm getting a message that says "Error getting licence. Licence Server Communication Problem: E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY_OR_PKCS12" I really need this resolved ASAP as my reviews do have a deadline.

I use Windows Vista

Micro SD cards

Hi, I need to get a couple of Micro SD cards for my tablet (Asus Memo Pad HD 7) and GPS (Garmin Nuvi 40 LM). I've been looking on eBay and they seem to only have Micro SDHC cards with Micro SD adapters. Also, they have different classes, like Class 10, 6 and 4. What are these different classes and should I be worried about them?

Thanks in advance.
So my computer crashed and I had to reboot it with the disc and so I no longer have imageready on it and can't seem to download it anymore. I know it's like extinct, does anyone have it uploaded anywhere or know of another app similar that I can download either directly or via bittorrent that will be free or have a key gen. with it?

External hard drive problem

I have a problem that I'm hoping that someone can help. My external drive has recently begun acting up and randomly disconnecting and then attempting to reconnect. I'm on Windows 7 and I dont know what to do. Thank you for any advice.

I need information please

I have a Lenovo that needs cleaning like you would not believe. It will not refresh or do systems restore. I want to clean it me self. Can any one recommend a good softwear that I can use to clean it. I don't want to ask at a computer store , they might try to sell me something I don't need. Can some one please help me?

OS conversion?

My sister decided to take it upon herself to tell her boss I could help him convert his Dos into a windows system. I have no idea on how to go about doing this. Can someone explain how to get this done? He also asked her about what pc is best for networking two work pcs with each other. Any assistance on any of that is tremendously helpful, thanks in advance.

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